To say the least, Danielle is a superb writer. Whether it is a 100-word intro for an email or a 2,500-word feature story, she brings life to whatever she lays her pen to. She makes mundane topics interesting and interesting topics shine. Not only can she make magic happen from a given topic, but she possesses true journalistic talent in finding stories and seeking out new angles. She also communicates well about her projects and keeps people in the loop with where she’s at. Her knowledge of print and online media makes her an asset that editors and publishers can appreciate. She is a true grammar guru with an attention to detail that I’ve not seen in many writers or editors. I’d highly recommend Danielle when looking for your next writer, editor or employee.

— Roxanne Sutton, former Director of Communications
National Recreation and Park Association


I am thrilled that you’re writing our most important stories of the year and becoming a regular contributor to BRO. You have quickly become one of our top writers.

— Will Harlan, Editor in Chief
Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine


It was a pleasure working with you [on “Rising to the Challenge“]. Also I just want to say thank you for being so professional throughout the entire experience and showcasing such high levels of journalistic integrity and accuracy with the end result.

— Levi Moore, featured source


Danielle was invited to attend a press trip in South Dakota in 2014, in order to gather story ideas which would eventually lead to published articles. As the host of the tour, of course my hope is that our guests come out of the tour with at least one story idea. However, while Danielle was with us, it was a constant search for multiple stories. I so appreciated her natural curiosity, her willingness to research any subject, and her ability to ask the right questions and find the perfect angle for her stories. She was a valued member of our press tour, and wrote several excellent articles as a result of her time here, which gave us tremendous exposure. I would recommend Danielle as a press tour guest to any of my tourism industry colleagues across the U.S.

— Wanda Goodman, Deputy Secretary
South Dakota Department of Tourism


There are certain traits you really want in an editor. Someone who looks for new and interesting story angles. Someone with great attention to detail. Someone who can make even the most boring topic interesting and attention-grabbing. Danielle possesses all of those traits. On top of that she is a fun person to work with — and she has an infectious laugh.

— Pete Magnuson, former Director of Marketing
National Recreation and Park Association


Danielle was hired to edit the introductory text for my Appalachian Trail photo book, “Walked All This Way.” I thought I was just hiring an editor who would fix my spelling, add commas and delete unnecessary words. Danielle did all that, but what really made the difference was her coaching style. She was fully invested in my project and asked me questions during the editing process that made for a thorough job. Danielle gave me time to look over edits and ask questions at no additional cost, which was really helpful.

— Carly Geraci, author


What a surprise we received from you when we opened your package! The article, “Attention to Details” is absolutely wonderful! Your article is so well-written and captured the essence of our thoughts in our conversation with you. We were absolutely delighted with all of the pictures, which are amazing when viewed in your magazine…truly a great thrill for Doug, myself and our family!

Thank you so much for featuring “Bear Creek Cabin!”…We just loved it!

— Lynn Dahl, featured homeowner


I received the following after sending in an article, along with a detailed explanation of my sources for fact checking:

Good Lord you’re on the ball. In all seriousness, I’m going to save that email, and if anyone ever contacts me again checking on your references, I’ll just send that to them. That should settle it pretty quickly.

Thanks for all you do (and how well you do it). I’m sure if you ever decide to move back to NC they’ll be happy to hire you to replace me.

— Mike Macdonald
Former Associate Publisher/Editor, Touched by Cancer magazine
Former Managing Editor, National Fire & Rescue magazine


I just received my December issue of Log Home Living and found your story inside…very nice!! Let me commend you, too, on the historic accuracy of the many stories within, the mark of a great writer.

Thank you so much for the story; hopefully, it will inspire readers to visit Gatlinburg and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, thus reaping firsthand the benefit of your memories. It is a pleasure to know you, and I hope that we can look forward to future visits and stories by you in such prestigious publications.

— Walter Yeldell, Former Tourism Manager
Gatlinburg (Tennessee) Department of Tourism & Convention Center

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