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Enjoying a beautiful vista over Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, near the end of a three-day AT trek.

Welcome to my site! After years of planning (and a failed GoDaddy attempt), I’m very excited to finally get this thing off the ground.

I hope to use this site as a tool to connect both with readers who are interested in the topics I like to cover (travel, geography, outdoor/adventure recreation, global cultures, history, environmental issues, conservation, etc.) as well as editors who may be interested in working with me. Please feel free to stop by anytime and comment on what you read.

To start out, I’ll publish some old posts from my previous personal blog (started in 2003) and my blogs from work. As I develop the site, I’ll share blog posts about my travels and observations, clips of some of my published articles, photos I’ve taken in my journeys, links to some interesting sites I think you might enjoy, tidbits of intriguing information I learn in my research and updates both on stories I’m following as well as where I’m going as a writer and a traveler. And unless I’m the subject of the photo (such as in the image above) or I’ve said otherwise in a caption, all photos you see on this site will be my own.

So let me know what you think! As I mentioned, I’m extremely excited to start down this road, and I hope you’ll enjoy the journey as well.

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